Founder's Poetry

His song poetry includes:
• Seven letters to Venus, (sung by Marcel khalifa).
• 'Alilina (sung by Marcel Khalifa).
• Their country is irrigated by flood. (Sung by Marcel Khalifa).
• O! Sari, (sung by Marcel Khalifa).
• When can I see you? (Sung by Marcel Khalifa).
• Ye who was absent, (sung by Khaled Al-Sheikh).
• I love night. (Sung by Khaled Al-Sheikh).
• I depart, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• You forgot us, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Impossible, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Ye whom I can’t see, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• O! Moon (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Passion exhausts me (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• The Magic of poetry (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Athari, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Sweet voice, (sung by Khalid Al-Sheikh).
• Minutes, (sung by Abdulla Rashed).
• Zayed, (sung by Abdulla Rashid).
• Book of Roses, (sung by Abdulla Bal-Khair).
• Light and Water, (sung by Abdulla Bal-Khair).
• Your love stayed overnight in my eyes, (sung by Abdulla Bal-Khair).

His Collections of Poems
He has five collections of Arabic poems:
1. Pathways of Dawn – 1986
2. Rosy Dreams – 1988
3. Bracelets on the Moon’s Wrist – 1990
4. Tambourine Drummer – 1993
5. Night Companion – 1996

Many of his poems were translated into English, French and Spanish. His collection of poems “pathways of Dawn” was translated into English in 1997.