First Anniversary of our Social Media Channels

اعرض في فيس بوك
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«Our page during its first year of release»

The new year of 2017 has just begun, as we bid farewell to 2016 at its “year-end”, we realize that it is not really an end, but rather a book mark, before starting a new page of a new chapter, in an enduring book of continuous wisdom and boundless knowledge.

On this occasion, I want to express my best wishes to everyone, in every country, may your expectations, your aspirations, may all your hopes come true.

I also want to take this opportunity to share with you some of our achievements at “Al Sowaidi Publishing House”, I will limit myself to only the main headlines, without going into too much details, to bring our loyal followers - especially the young- to date with our feats, because it is them who we are mainly directing our attention, to help them restore our region to the stable and peaceful state it once was and really deserves.

1. We took off our journey with “Al Waraq” project, the first Arabic Online Literary Encyclopedia. We are very honored by its huge followers, who are numbered in millions, and are only too delighted to be of service to them in their pursuit of knowledge among its vast wealth of literary works that was uploaded to its online library.

2. Our efforts over the past ten years, was furthermore expanded to creating other “reference” websites, such as: “Travel Literature classical works” in addition to promoting and publishing contemporary travel books, to this end, we established an award prize, honoring the authors of the winning titles.

Last year, and in memory of our UAE founding father, HH the late Sheikh Zayed, we published a selection of Makkah Hajj short stories written by Arab and Non-Arab pilgrims.

3. We made available and under one stop, our assorted 101 selection of the most influential books ever created by our universal human heritage.

4. We also embarked on adding up other general knowledge web sites, such as:
The Museum of Arts; the Museum of Science; the works of Shakespeare, Hawaya, Andalusia; the book of Roses, Khawla; Audio books; the Moon cycle sky mansions; Al Mutanabbi Oasis; The diary of al Aqool monastery; atlas of the “pendants” or Muallaqat in Arabic!

5. Finally, our determination is not going to stop at what was presented thus far, we are assiduously committed to remain faithful to our mission of spreading knowledge through culture and science and make it freely accessible to scholars and pupils alike.

I invite you all to visit our sites while web surfing … and Happy and prosperous 
New Year to you all
@Mohammed Alsowaidi