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European Clothing Culture

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My father asked about the habit of European women exhibiting their legs and them wearing light clothing; is this a native custom or a sort of primping and seduc...tion.
I said: I think that it is an indigenous habit in European cultures and has references to be found is previous civilization as that of Crete or Minoan of Minos house that ruled over Crete for a long era starting from 2600 B.C. At that time, men and women alike were keen to have - or at least appear as if having - a very tight waist envisaging their bodiesto be composed of two triangles.
Later, women sought to compete with men in the tightness of waist so they used robust corsets gathering their skirts around their behindswhile popping their breasts up towards the sun. The Cretan women had a pleasant habit of exposing their breasts or let them appear behind chiffonchemises. No one was embarrassed or beheld it as a flow (as narrated by Will Durant - The Story of Civilization).
Then I came to mention our famous traveler Ibn Battuta who related in his trip to Bali that he was able to force all men to attend Friday Prayer; which is a tedious task, however he failed to make even one single woman to disguise her breast even with a Minoan corset. In a different narrative, Ibn Battuta mentioned that the women of Hormuz used to lighten their clothing during heat and left their breasts exposed.
My father remembered an incident that took place in Muscat when a greeting visit was paid to him by dignitaries of Ja’alan tribe and as they were about to leave the hotel, they found the path to the exit stretched and long so they preferred to take a shortcut overlooking the swimming pool.
“There stood a girl with an upright poise” my father said;“strip naked except for a mere underwear just like this Tarbush” (my father raised between his fingers the strip dangling from his Emirati Kandoorah’s collar); “We became extremely embarrassed; the men of A’ajlan are accustomed to women covered from head to toe whereas this naked body erected to pour water is something they never saw before.”
In turn, I remembered what happened during the auction that took place in Wiltshire county where the underwear of Queen Victoria was sold for 10 thousand and five hundred Sterling Pounds. It was colossal with a waist measuring circa 114 centimeters and dangles below her majesty’s knees which made me wonder about Kate Moss G-string and the long route that her majesty’s underwear took in a trot with time; the route from the knee to the rumps where it became as lean as a Tarboosh.