Masalik, a site belonging to the Arab Center for Geographical Literature, whose idea, founder, financier and supervisor is the poet Mohamed Ahmed Al Suwaidi. It aims at rediscovering the place, its civilization, its present, and the related events, facts, stories, personalities, behavior, intellectual production and practical effort, in a new way that seeks to combine multimedia, read, audio, visual and visual, including written materials, photographs, audio files and maps. Of the second development of the International Information Network, recently known as Web 2 technology, to create a process of mutual interaction between the place and the arts and literature, science and knowledge that have been associated with it. The course aims at re-shaping the information in a modern interactive manner that takes into account the close and common relationship between geography, history and society, so that a different classification and cataloging of the information is carried out, commensurate with the specifications of this modern technology, Internet domain.