Al-Waraq is considered the famous cultural gate of the Electronic village. It represents the greatest content digital library on the Internet, as it includes more than one million digital pages on the web, containing hundreds of Islamic heritage books in their complete texts.

Al-Waraq site started in 2000 comprises mothers of Arabic books in literature, intellectuality, history, philosophy and other knowledge references, which are available free to all visitors from all over the world. Al-Waraq has about 900 of the most important references in Arab and Islamic scientific heritage, distributed on 16 topics of knowledge. Some prominent books include Al-Aghani - the Songs by Al-Asfahani, Attabaqat Al-Kubra–the Greatest Layers by Ibn Saad, Al-Kamel Fi Etarekh–the Complete Book on History by Ibn El-Atheer, Tareekh Al-Islam–Islam History by Azahabi and others.

Other important modules in Alwaraq are Majlis, seminars of constructive sublime intellectual & cultural dialogues, photographical library, audio-visual library, anecdotes of texts, containing selections of heritage & contemporary Arab literature ..etc. Its materials have qualified the site to win the award of Best Cultural e-content of UAE in 2005. It has gained wide reputation as one of the most important resources of Arab culture & its Muslim and scientific heritage.